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Expert Financial Market Intelligence

IDEAglobal has been providing market leading analysis for over a decade and has consistently looked at new ways of providing this information. Now, with mobile phones more popular than ever, we have launched wIDEA to provide our research direct to your handset.

As with all research, the most important factor in trusting your information is knowing your source. Our research is used by 42 of the top 50 financial institutions in the world, as rated by Euromoney. In addition to our direct services we also transmit pages over Bloomberg, Reuters and Bridge Telerate professional terminals.These institutions know IDEAglobal's proven track record and have been using our forward facing information for over 12 years.

With information hubs in three continents and analysts who are highly respected and networked throughout the financial community, we offer an unparalleled insight into market intelligence. wIDEA is the first truly global and comprehensive alert service and is available to everyone with a mobile phone.


Our Wireless Service
wIDEA recognise that the huge popularity of the mobile phone has given each of us the freedom to be truly mobile and no longer tied to our desks. As such wIDEA has designed two new products which will allow you to receive our market leading-information wherever you are.

Firstly, wIDEA Alert. The latest market calls in our various arenas condensed to an SMS message and sent directly to your mobile phone. No matter where you are, our information will now find you. Each message is designed to cater for your exact needs and each message you receive will be future-facing and of actionable value.

Secondly, wIDEA Voice. If you need to know the latest news and rumours, an hourly update on how the market has performed or simply want to hear the background research for our calls, you can now find all this and further wIDEA research by simply calling our dedicated telephone line. When you call you will be given a series of options, then simply select which of our stories you wish to hear.TOP

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What people are saying about us:

U.S. Treasury
"IDEAglobal's morning faxes are the single best research we get on a daily basis."

Government of Singapore Investment Corporation Mr Ng Kok Song, MD

Oversees key portfolio asset allocation decisions for the GIC.

"I joined the IDEA's advisory board three years ago, because I felt there was a need in the market place for independent research into financial markets that took a medium-to-long-term view. There is a tendency in the markets to focus of fresh factors while neglecting the underlying forces that drive economies and financial prices. I was impressed by IDEA's approach back then, and reiterate my confidence in IDEA today."

Merrill Lynch TJ Lim, Head of MLEMEA, Debt Markets
"IDEA is Currently, up to date and they provide a balanced but brief and concise analysis of most of the major bond and FX markets...the outlooks are well argued and thought out. This is... one of the most comprehensive bond and FX service of its kind"

Alektor Investment Management Limited Thymis Carolides, CEO "IDEAglobal's work has rigour and is supported by a market intelligence network with leading policymakers that is both unique and vast and thus proves vital for Macro Fund trading whether that is in G7 or in Emerging Markets"