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IDEAglobal and wIDEA

wIDEA, a division of IDEAglobal, is a leading global wireless provider of independent, actionable research. wIDEA is committed to providing relevant and timely financial information to all with an interest in investments. As a division of IDEAglobal, wIDEA is at the forefront of the world's financial information community.

Our reputation for providing accurate and timely information, in-depth research, incisive analysis and reliable forecasts is endorsed by the world's leading financial players. In an industry that characterises data and analysis as real-time or delayed, our clients refer to us as "future time". IDEAglobal's clients include 45 of the world's 50 largest financial institutions as ranked by Euromoney. Money managers in the commercial world need to interpret the signals and activities of economic and governmental policy makers and assess their impact on financial markets. Over the years, IDEAglobal has built a unique position as a confidant of central bankers and major money managers. The company's economists are thoroughly networked into the community of the biggest players in the world.

We use the most advanced technology to create and distribute our products, enabling you to make financial decisions when they matter. We are committed to maintaining our leading position, through the excellence of our products, our innovative use of technology and our high standards of customer service.

I.D.E.A. was founded in London in 1989. In 1996, all I.D.E.A. companies world-wide became subsidiaries of the new holding company, Independent Economic Analysis (Holdings) Pte Ltd. In 1999, that company began trading as IDEAglobal These terms apply between IDEAglobal Limited ("wIDEA") and the User defined below. wIDEA and the User are together called "the Parties" in these Terms.

Recent Client Feedback

Mike O'Leary,
Institutional Sales, Credit Suisse First Boston

"IDEAglobal's Fixed Income is insightful and timely. They alert me to the many forces driving the market besides the obvious. This and their international expertise is necessary for dealing with demanding hedge funds and other large clients".

Michael Head,
Chief Dealer - Derivatives at ANZ

"IDEAglobal's U.S. Fixed Income has sound economics, excellent international expertise and helps me avoid overlooking any key influences in the related markets."

Tony Crescenzi,
Fixed Income Strategist Miller Tabak, CEO of Bondtalk.com

"U.S. FIT puts arguments right in our face about things that matter today - even though the analysis might be rooted in several years' worth of data. It brings us up to date quicker, it's one-stop shopping."

Brian Garvey,
International Economist, State St Bank

"IDEA is not only a provocative, concise read on the factors driving the bond market, the technicals gives me a good read on key levels to watch in the futures market and a sense of underlying market direction."

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We have offices in London, New York and Singapore. Please find the relevant contact information below:

New York
140 Broadway, 21st Floor
New York 10005
Tel: (+1)212 571 4332
Fax:(+1)212 571 4334
or (+1)212 732 1484

296 High Holborn
Lincoln House
London WC1V 7JH
Tel: (+44)20 7430 2888
Fax: (+44)20 7430 2777

9 Temasek Boulevard
#42-01 Suntec Tower Two
Singapore 038989
Tel: (+65) 6332 0700
Fax:(+65) 6332 0701